Donate to CAMOHERO™

These are perplexing times for donors. How do you choose among all the worthy organizations deserving your charitable giving? We understand that it’s a tough decision.

Today’s culture spends far too much time playing the ‘blame game.’ There seems to be hostility and skepticism everywhere, even among friends and family members who may have conflicting perspectives on the world today.

We believe that it’s far more productive to take positive action and call attention to individuals, organizations, and causes who are selflessly doing wonderful things to improve the lives of others.

Imagine shining a spotlight on those who give time and money in the service of others and ask for nothing in return!

What a wonderful mission! This is our mission!

We are a beacon of light in a dark world. We give credit to where credit is due – to those unselfish individuals who give of themselves, who are generous in spirit, and who are always willing to be a hero to others.

CAMOHERO™ offers you the opportunity to donate to a cause that will make a significant impact on the lives of others whether you make a generous one-time donation or a thoughtful recurring gift, your giving counts!

Donations made to CAMOHERO™ go directly to programs and worthy causes. You don’t have to personally ‘be there’ to change a life for the better; you just need to be part of the giving process to be their ‘hero.’

If you’re unable to make a donation today – it’s ok. There are other ways to ‘give.’ Something as simple as a smile, a hug, or a pleasant greeting can go a long way. Even a short text message or email, letting someone know that you are thinking about them can touch anybody’s heart.

CAMOHERO™ will let all of our recipients know that millions of caring people, just like you, stepped forward to help them when they needed it most. They may never get to meet you, but you will still be their hero.

For more information, please visit our About page.

If you are a corporation and are interested in a larger donation or a potential Sponsorship, please visit our sponsorships page for further information.