The CAMOHERO™ is a brand that is grounded on the belief that the purpose of life is to make someone else’s life better.

To support that belief, we lead by example, and we encourage and empower others to do the same. To put it simply, we present opportunities for our customers, our donors, and our sponsors to become a part of something bigger than themselves.

CAMOHERO is not a brand our customers simply wear. It is a brand that identifies the type of person they are and the lifestyle they live – a lifestyle that embraces and reaches out to make a difference in the lives of others.

Whether addressing climate change, breast cancer, poverty, sex trafficking or any other issue that threatens to bring humanity to its knees – we serve as an inspiration for change, for possibilities, and for others to evolve to the best version of themselves.

The funds that we receive in the form of sponsorships allow us to call attention to and address the needs that we consider most critical to making the world a better place!

Sponsoring CAMOHERO™ allows you to make a minimal marketing investment that has the potential to result in millions of dollars of exposure value and a robust increase in sales!

Consider the following:

On August 5, 2010 the world sat stunned as they learned that 33 Chilean miners were trapped 2500 feet underground with no possible way of escape. For the next 69 days, as rescuers worked feverishly and the world sat looking for signs of hope, one company saw a need. Because the miners were in complete darkness while they waited for rescue, their eyes were subject to irreversible damage once they were brought out of the mine and into the light unless they had adequate eye protection.
In an act of good faith, the company Oakley donated 35 pairs of sunglasses with a retail price of $450 each to the miners to help protect their eyes. For 19 hours, during the day of the rescue, literally billions of people across the world watched each miner emerge from the depths of the black abyss wearing Oakley sunglasses.

By stepping up so quickly to help, Oakley reaped the admiration and recognition it deserved, and (according to Front Row Analytics), the amount of exposure Oakley received as a result of the rescue’s publicity and the miners’ two-week television tour afterwards equated to a $41 million dollar marketing campaign in just television alone!

This is only one example of a situation when complete strangers will come together when someone needs help. It’s also an example of the power of ERM (Emotional Response Marketing) and how a company touched the hearts of the public by ‘stepping up’ to do what was desperately needed. Oakley’s act may not have been intentionally self-serving, but the incredible results show the powerful role that emotions play in marketing.

Most companies are aware of the importance of Brand Recognition, but they often forget the importance of Brand Loyalty, which is best fueled by the power of ERM. As a result, they’re losing out on potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. They are also missing out on the luxury of keeping their existing customers even if a competitor offers a better service, product or price.

By sponsoring CAMOHERO™, you will be seen not only as a company that ‘cares’ but also as a company that does not hesitate step up and take action!
We offer you a type of ‘giving’ campaign that becomes an instant viral video, shared with tens of millions of viewers instantaneously. We give you the visibility and credit for enabling our followers to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

For more details on how this can be achieved and how you can participate in a sponsorship opportunity approach that will maximize the return on your marketing dollars, please give us a call at (Phone#).

We look forward to your support and your involvement!

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