About You

A Closer Look At The Mission & Belief Behind
The Official CamoHero Brand

You know that your world is growing darker. The light of a brighter tomorrow is fading fast, quickly dissolving into the black abyss of hopelessness. Everywhere you turn, people are scared, hostile, and angry. They are filled with desperation, fear, and uncertainty. And so are you.

How did we get here? More importantly, how do we escape? Why are we constantly asking ourselves, “What is the meaning of life” and searching for “The purpose of my life” when we should already be living it? Why are we struggling with the long hours of a job we hate when we could be experiencing a fulfilling life that we love?

For most of us, every day is a fight to keep our head above water. It is a never-ending struggle in the quicksand of life that will never let you go. Sadly many give up. They have exhausted all of their strength and can’t help but go under. The fight left in others is fading quickly like a beautiful sunset in a frightening storm. Life shouldn’t be about surviving. It should be about living.

YOU were born for a purpose. YOUR LIFE has meaning. NOBODY ELSE can do what you are meant to do. The world NEEDS YOU!

Our lives are plagued with constant experiences and reminders of global disasters, epidemics, climate issues, pollution, crime, poverty, inequality, injustice, wars, abuse, corruption, and so much more. Our leaders seem helpless, careless, or could-care-less about issues that are critically important to us. From the safety and security of their positions above, they tell us that our nightmare is the new norm and that we must accept it and learn to live with it.

That message is defeating. When we are asking ourselves what we can do to better our lives and the world that we live in, both for us and future generations, we aren’t looking for the response, “Nothing.” We can do something. We MUST do something.

And in an effort to “DO SOMETHING,” CAMOHERO™ was born.

The purpose of CAMOHERO™ is to bring people together for the common good of the world that we live in. Regardless of our differences, together we can change anything for the better. ANYTHING. Our differences ARE OUR STRENGTHS as long as we share a common goal.

We are all on the same crazy ride through life, and we only have one chance to make the most of it. We can either miss our chance because we are divided on what doesn’t matter, or we can make the most of our opportunity by focusing on what is really important. Each other. Our world. And those we share it with.

What we do today to better our world is not a sacrifice. It is an investment, a very long-term investment, for future generations. This will not be seen as our achievements but as our legacy. Our life meant something while we were here, and we took full advantage of it. A hundred years from now, we might not be remembered for who we are, but we will be remembered for what we did.

There are hundreds of thousands of brands throughout the world. Each one identifies a product or a service. CAMOHERO™ is different. We identify a MEANING and a PURPOSE—specifically the meaning of your life and the purpose for it. And then we help you live it. YOU DESERVE to live the best life has to offer. YOU ARE ENTITLED to be happy and fulfilled. And with your help, we will get you there.

Brands often use celebrities and athletes to endorse their products. They are called “Heroes” for what they do on the big screen, field, or court. CAMOHERO™ believes that YOU ARE THE HERO for what you do in the world.

Proceeds from CAMOHERO™ sales, sponsorships, donations, and advertisements go directly towards addressing issues that are critically important to you. And then we open the doors of opportunity for you to come and join us in addressing these issues and solving them.

CAMOHERO™ has no wealthy owners. There are no overpriced stocks. We reinvest our profits into making the world a better place. We invest in you. CAMOHERO™ IS YOUR BRAND. It is your efforts to support and help grow the CAMOHERO™ brand into a household name and a leader in changing the world for the better. You can do this by simply sharing us on your social media, wearing our merchandise, and displaying our decals. It’s that simple.

Come join the CAMOHERO™ Army today. Visit our store and get the shirt(s) and other merchandise that best describes you. Show the world that your life has meaning and you are ready to live its purpose.